Insolvent assetless MSMEs – all but forgotten?

My commentary of October 2020 is re-issued, for readers’ interest.  Does it matter that a company is insolvent such that

NZ’s measured review of class actions and litigation funding, noting Australia’s ‘polarised’ debate

The New Zealand Law Commission has commenced a 2 year inquiry into litigation funding and class actions, right at the

Australian insolvency practitioner disciplinary decisions – short but to what point?

This report of two insolvency practitioner disciplinary decisions in Australia will be brief because the decisions, or their publicly released

Australia’s small business restructuring practitioners

Australia is proposing a sub-group of liquidator accountants to assist in administering its new corporate SME insolvency laws, set to

Caution against “reasoning backwards” in assessing the validity of liquidators’ litigation

A judge has cautioned against “reasoning backwards” to assume that insolvency practitioners’ failed or injudicious legal proceedings either should not

Under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition laws, licensed New Zealand insolvency practitioners should be able to practise in Australia …

New Zealand has a new insolvency practitioner regulation regime which commenced on 1 September 2020.  The regime has processes allowing

Insolvency licensing bodies confirmed for New Zealand’s new regulatory regime

The New Zealand Registrar of Companies has approved the first licensing bodies for the commencement of the new regulatory regime

New Zealand’s $1 insolvency practitioner regulation levy

The new New Zealand insolvency practitioner regulation regime, commencing on 1 September 2020, will be funded in part by a

Australian SME insolvencies – the ATO as the solution?

While the government is no doubt considering a range of options to allow the insolvency system to cope with what

The potential for conflicts of interest in professional co-regulation

Referrals to a disciplinary committee of two senior insolvency practitioners with connections prompt my further explanations of Australia’s insolvency practitioner

Managing Australian and New Zealand insolvency practitioners

CAANZ took a worthy leap some years ago in bringing the Australian and New Zealand accounting professions together. Given that

New Zealand’s insolvency practitioner regulation regime, from 1 September 2020

A new insolvency practitioner regulation regime for New Zealand will start on 1 September 2020, according to RITANZ, only a

Regulation of insolvency practitioners by accounting bodies

The outcomes of co-regulation of UK insolvency practitioners are explained in a May 2020 report of the ICAEW, with some

Crime and insolvency, Australian style

There is not much correlation between crime and insolvency, in my researches, certainly in comparison with crime in the world

Some thinking about insolvency pre-packs, panels and more

In a newspaper article of 20 April 2020* promoting a new ‘restructuring business’, some ‘new thinking’ is offered on changes

New Zealand insolvency practitioner regulation – possible delay

The new corporate insolvency practitioner licensing regime in New Zealand, due to start in July 2020, may be put off

The proposed reinvigoration of the UK’s business rescue culture through ‘recalibration of the balance of power’ – some steps too far for Australia?

A recent academic article from the UK has reviewed proposed restructuring reforms announced by the government in August 2018, although

What has happened to the proposed beneficial ownership of shares register?

A review of the ASIC Annual Report 2018 by a parliamentary committee was tabled only in February 2020. The report

The new law’s limitations in controlling phoenix misconduct

The new anti-phoenix laws, so welcomed in certain quarters, will come up against some business and personal behaviours that are

A liquidator disciplinary decision – some regulatory insights

A decision of a tribunal in Australia gives some insight into the insolvency practitioner discipline processes introduced in 2017, which

The 2020 insolvency practitioner codes

New insolvency practitioner codes have issued in Australia, with the UK and NZ perhaps not far behind. It remains to

New Zealand – corporate insolvency practitioner regulation

The New Zealand government has called for submissions on the proposed minimum standards and conditions for the licensing of insolvency

NZ insolvency practitioner costs recovery fees

The New Zealand government has released a discussion paper on proposed regulations concerning fees and other arrangements in preparation for

Digital disruption is here but “progress towards a digital insolvency practice has to date been slow”

A recent journal article on the impact of artificial intelligence and its use by the insolvency profession has good and