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ASIC’s review of offence reporting – RG 16

In response to the PJC Report, although a bit premature, ASIC is reviewing its RG 16, on offence reporting obligations,

“Thousands and thousands of pounds have been lost …”

By way of an update to this post, on 11 June 2024 the Federal Court adjourned the 14 June case

Small business sole trader insolvencies

A recent newspaper report on the trend of insolvencies in small business was interesting for the reason that it acknowledged

Insolvency Practitioner Registration and Disciplinary Committees

I am pleased to have been appointed by the government as a part‑time member to the Ministerial pool for the

Punishment for bankruptcy – wearing a yellow and brown bonnet in the public square

A recent book, Re-examining insolvency law and theory – perspectives for the 21st century, comprises chapters on a wide range

Language please….!

“Finally on the subject of language, the Commission staff are not to be blamed for the archaic forms of syntax

Australia has some of the longest lag times between employees being paid and taxes being remitted

This is a short historical background to the increasing non- or late payment of tax mainly by small businesses –

Defining bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy Amendment (Discharge from Bankruptcy) Bill 2023 has been introduced into parliament.  It has presumably been drafted by the

Keay’s Insolvency – Personal and Corporate Law and Practice, 11th ed, 2022

We are pleased to have published the 11th edition of our textbook, Keay’s Insolvency – Personal and Corporate Law and

“The [too high] costs of insolvency”?

The Age newspaper in Australia has reported on what it describes as the “often extremely heavy” costs in administering insolvencies

Insolvency practitioner regulation – an Australian story

With the UK government rethinking the regulation of its insolvency practitioners (IPs), moving away from co-regulation to a system more

Insolvency Law Bulletin – the latest on examinations, liens, receivers, tracing and winding up

Examinations The latest Insolvency Law Bulletin looks at the High Court’s recent decision in Walton v ACN 004 410 833

Fees of insolvency practitioners and lawyers

After Jason Harris and I wrote about Justice Michael Lee’s comments on the high charge out rates of insolvency practitioners,

Why has the Australian government not yet decided on any further insolvency law changes for small business?

Australia MSE insolvency reform process seems to have halted, perhaps because of a poor reception to its January 2021 small

Australian personal insolvency reform for COVID-19 impacted debtors

The Australian government’s proposed retention of the restrictions of bankruptcy on COVID-19 impacted business proprietors and consumers is questionable, but

The Law of Bankruptcy Notices and Creditors’ Petitions, by Nicholas J Simpson, 2020 – a book review

This is a very good and topical Australian text, adequately and accurately described by its title.  My review of it

The ‘powerhouse’ of small and medium enterprises and their recovery ‘boosted’ by our new insolvency laws

Interesting to know from what [limited] bases journalists get their views … ‘Finally, a fair go for small suppliers’, R

Extension of insolvent trading concessions – flake news?

Someone government person called Andrew is saying that the insolvent trading protections for directors will be extended beyond 25 September

Protected: Australian Insolvency Losers System (in vol admin) – commercial in confidence

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Some thinking about insolvency pre-packs, panels and more

In a newspaper article of 20 April 2020* promoting a new ‘restructuring business’, some ‘new thinking’ is offered on changes

Obligations to whistleblow

Journalists and accountants among others are obliged by NSW law to ‘whistleblow’ – to report to the police – if

Three year ‘imprisonment’ for bankruptcy debt

Australia has historically been seen as severe in its approach to unpaid debt and opposition to changing the 3 year

A pointless distinction in corporate insolvency

In the 19th century, where much corporate insolvency law thinking still remains, a distinction was made between court ordered liquidations

Murrays Legal closes on 31 December 2019 and reopens on 1 January 2020

As to which, readers will be aware that “[t]he beginning of a day is nothing but the end of the