Small business sole trader insolvencies

A recent newspaper report on the trend of insolvencies in small business was interesting for the reason that it acknowledged

Personal insolvency figures – December 2023

Numbers of personal insolvencies in Australia continue to fall with the December 2023 figure down to 805 compared with 853

Insolvency statistics 2023

Each of our insolvency regulators, ASIC for corporate, AFSA for personal, has issued its statistics for 2022-2023 right on the

Bankruptcy statistics – more of the same

With the annual personal insolvency statistics for 2022-2023 not yet released, AFSA has released figures for October 2023, showing 951

Personal insolvency numbers – July-Sept 2023

With the annual personal insolvency statistics for 2022-2023 not due until December 2023, AFSA has released a quarterly report for

Marginal annual increase in personal insolvencies said to be in line with high numbers forecast

There was a total of 9,930 personal insolvencies in Australia in the 2022–23 financial year – around 4% higher than

Increase in Australian insolvency numbers

Personal insolvency numbers show a continued increase in numbers but still well below past figures; on the other hand, corporate

Personal insolvency statistics – March quarter increase; April monthly decrease

There is good and bad news in the latest personal insolvency statistics from AFSA. March quarter increase The full March

Personal insolvency statistics – March 2023 – beginnings of an increase?

The latest personal insolvency statistics released by AFSA for March 2023 show an increase in number over February but still

Bankruptcy data 2021-2022 – rates of return, fees etc

At the end of 2022, AFSA quietly released detailed data on the operation of the personal insolvency system in 2021-2022. 

Insolvency returns to creditors and other fictions – reissued March 2022

Insolvencies average dividend returns to unsecured creditors of under 5 cents in the dollar, in some cases, under 1 cent. 

Australian bankruptcy statistics 2019-2021

Numbers of Australia’s 3 year long bankruptcies were down 46.7% in 2020-2021, producing an average dividend of only 1.63c/$.  The

High level of business bankruptcies in construction and retail

Latest figures show that nearly 60% of personal bankruptcies in the construction industry were involved in a business, with those

Data Availability and Transparency Bill and Australia’s SME insolvency reforms

Following on some decades of government inattention to the collection of adequate statistical data in insolvency, but with law reforms

Australian bankruptcies – falling numbers continue into the new financial year

The dramatic annual fall in personal insolvencies in Australia to 30 June 2020 has continued with the second half of

Australian bankruptcies fall 42% over the ‘virus’ quarter

Australian personal insolvencies in 2019-2020 have continued to fall, quite dramatically, of over 23% on last year, and over 35%

Down and down – Australian personal insolvency numbers

The first fortnight of July (29 June to 12 July) saw a drop down from 611 to 587 of people

Australian personal insolvencies falling in number

The number of personal insolvencies in Australia have been falling since the start of the corona crisis, which some might

Australia’s new fortnightly ‘COVID-19’ personal insolvency statistics

The Australian bankruptcy trustee and regulator AFSA has started to release fortnightly statistics on personal insolvencies in Australia[1] to assist

Insolvency returns to creditors and other fictions

Insolvencies average dividend returns to unsecured creditors of under 5 cents in the dollar, in some cases, under 1 cent. 

Proportions of bankruptcies – a factor of 8.8 in Australia, but only 3.4 in England and Wales

While waiting to see if Australia’s parliament decides to introduce a one year period of bankruptcy, down from the current

What’s bankruptcy all about?

Would you get out of bed in the morning, as an unsecured creditor of a bankrupt, for a dividend return

‘A one year bankruptcy or a 3 year debt agreement … what’s the catch?’

With Australia on the verge of introducing a one year period of bankruptcy, it is odd that no comparable reforms

Guerilla tactics needed against phoenix misconduct

While the government is considering the various submissions on phoenix reforms, these quick thoughts came to mind, involving both government