Businesses are rarely neatly arranged when insolvency strikes

While the government is thinking about the various recommendations of the PJC Report[1] about improving our current corporate insolvency laws,

Try to resolve unpaid debt early, and leave insolvency as a “last resort”

Each of AFSA, ARITA and Financial Counselling Australia has issued a statement calling for better processes for resolution of claims

Small business insolvency advice via the Ombudsman

The federal government’s current focus on personal insolvency law reform coincides with Small Business Month in NSW and the Small

Do our insolvency laws suit small business failures?

In shopping for a suit recently, I noticed that the Big Store displayed its suits according to brand, which apparently

Australian small business insolvency law – a review

Several stars aligning at the end of 2020-2021 prompt this review of where Australia is at in the area of

Why has the Australian government not yet decided on any further insolvency law changes for small business?

Australia MSE insolvency reform process seems to have halted, perhaps because of a poor reception to its January 2021 small

Australia’s limited insolvency reforms for small business

With our international trading partners recently meeting to examine ways to handle micro to small enterprise (MSE) insolvency impacted by

Australian personal insolvency reform for COVID-19 impacted debtors

The Australian government’s proposed retention of the restrictions of bankruptcy on COVID-19 impacted business proprietors and consumers is questionable, but

Does small business count?

This Ombudsman’s follow up report – Small Business Counts – examines small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) from an economics

Ombudsman’s company insolvency recommendations

The ASBFEO (Ombudsman) has asked that the government fix what is said to be a broken corporate insolvency system in

Australian Small Business Ombudsman’s ‘COVID-19 Recovery Plan’ – ‘turnaround and insolvency’

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman has issued a COVID-19 Recovery Plan, of May 2020. Within that the

ARITA’s response to the Ombudsman’s small business insolvency inquiry

ARITA has offered a 60-page submission to the Ombudsman’s inquiry, which, given the quality of the inquiry, may be rather

Small business insolvency – the Ombudsman inquiry

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman has established an inquiry into “the insolvency system” to report by February

External dispute resolution and the Ombudsman

Ms Kate Carnell, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, is reported to have called “on the insolvency sector