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Class actions and litigation funding – New Zealand law reform report

While Australia is in the midst of some potential change in the law about litigation funding,[1] the New Zealand Law

Liquidators’ examinations – a sea apart; legislative drafting – “a huge amount of material to wade through before they take a single step”

The decision of the High Court of Australia in Walton v Arrium [by majority (3-2)] adopting a broad interpretation of

Australia’s litigation funding market a ‘global hotspot for international investors … many based in tax havens and with dubious corporate histories’ with returns of ‘more than 500%’

The tone and findings of this 454 page report by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services – Litigation

NZ’s measured review of class actions and litigation funding, noting Australia’s ‘polarised’ debate

The New Zealand Law Commission has commenced a 2 year inquiry into litigation funding and class actions, right at the

Funding of insolvency claims – the PJC inquiry: revised

A submission by Adelaide academics in relation to insolvency litigation funding came before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on 24 July,

Insolvency litigation funding – too much hand-holding?

A joint parliamentary inquiry into class actions and litigation funding has set down public hearings throughout July 2020.[1] The inquiry

Litigation funding of liquidators – the ALRC inquiry

The current law reform inquiry into class actions and their funding may also need to look at the funding of