Insolvent trading convictions set aside on mental health grounds

Following convictions and imprisonment for insolvent trading arising from the 2009 collapse of Kleenmaid, its founder, Andrew Young, has succeeded

‘The Vanishing Criminal – Causes of Decline in Australia’s Crime Rate’ – a book review

This is a very interesting and useful book, trying to explain why Australia’s crime rate has fallen in many areas,

Crime and insolvency, Australian style

There is not much correlation between crime and insolvency, in my researches, certainly in comparison with crime in the world

by how much could we reduce white collar crime by imposing 30 year jail sentences? “Zero”.

The Honest Politician’s Guide to Crime Control never went into to a second edition, and it may by now be

Offence reporting in insolvency

In reporting breaches of the law to ASIC, and triggering action by ASIC, liquidators are not required to express any

Are accountants professionally restricted in advising directors on safe harbour?

A pending new publication on corporate restructuring contains these comments about Code obligations of insolvency accountants advising financially distressed and

Bankruptcy – for a whole year?!

“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”[1] I would not go so far as to say that

The cost of a victim of crime in pursuing her own justice

The personal and financial suffering that a victim of a serious physical crime can go through, and the costs of

Lifting the fear and suppressing the greed – a Senate committee report on penalties for white collar crime

A long awaited Senate committee report on penalties for white collar crime was issued on 23 March 2017 under the