The breadth of the concept of justice – Australian Academy of Law

Consistent with its objects, the Australian Academy of Law held a series of three public debates in 2017, in Sydney,

Avoid misleading cases – cite the latest court decisions

With all the numerous decisions being delivered by the higher courts, some attention is needed to ensure the latest case

A guide for those dealing with clients experiencing mental health and financial stress

Following some articles last year dealing with mental health issues and financial difficulties – see for example Financial failure, bankruptcy

Revisiting the Chorley exception

While it has been said that lawyers acting for themselves have fools for a client, the law does not discourage

Are accountants professionally restricted in advising directors on safe harbour?

A pending new publication on corporate restructuring contains these comments about Code obligations of insolvency accountants advising financially distressed and

A History of Australian Legal Education, by David Barker

I was pleased to have attended the recent book launch of A History of Australian Legal Education written by my

How to be ethical in the practice of the law: can it be taught?

This open debate, organised by the Australian Academy of Law, is the final in a series of three ethics-themed debates

“a sad (but regrettably not uncommon) occurrence in contemporary professional life”.

“The personal circumstances of DDQ offer a sad (but regrettably not uncommon) occurrence in contemporary professional life”. A disciplinary tribunal

Why lawyers should study political science, economics, sociology, and political philosophy

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Australian Academy of Law (AAL), the 90th anniversary of the Australian Law Journal

Advanced Business Law Conference – the major insolvency reforms: 3 October 2017

I am presenting at the Advanced Business Law Conference at the College of Law in Sydney on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

Is the end result of Sakr Nominees continued “institutionalised time billing”?

While the insolvency profession might be satisfied with the final approval given to the liquidator’s remuneration, by Justice Ashley Black, in Sakr

Ethics in the practice of law: a profession, a business or both?

The Australian Academy of Law is holding its second ethics themed Sydney event on Tuesday 20 June 2017, on the question

The fees of insolvency lawyers – increased scrutiny under the new law

Liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy are more accustomed to seeing their own fees come under judicial scrutiny than the fees