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Coronavirus safe harbour – beware the claytons waterfall in s 588GAAA

It is interesting to now see the clear limitations the government has placed on the protections offered by the COVID-19

Review of Australia’s insolvency safe harbour – s 588GA

Australia’s ‘safe harbour’ regime under s 588GA is due for review, since September 2019, as to whether it offers the

New corporate definitions of director, officer and asset

Following the ALRC’s work on Ch 7 of the Corporations Act, attention has already been given to legislative changes tidying

Insolvent trading in context

Insolvent trading is one of the many items for review recommended by the Parliamentary Joint Committee report on Corporate Insolvency. 

NZ Supreme Court confirms Mainzeal directors’ liabilities for over NZ$39 million

The Supreme Court of New Zealand has dismissed directors’ appeals from a finding that they must pay over NZ$6 million

UK’s review of its 2020 insolvency law reforms, with Australia compared

The quality of a recent UK review of its 2020 insolvency law reforms is compared with the approach taken in

Insolvency law ministers – personal, corporate, Indigenous, cross-border, employment and more

Relevant federal ministers whose portfolios involve insolvency law are primarily Mr Mark Dreyfuss QC as Attorney-General, Dr Jim Chalmers as

Keay’s Insolvency – Personal and Corporate Law and Practice, 11th ed, 2022

We are pleased to have published the 11th edition of our textbook, Keay’s Insolvency – Personal and Corporate Law and

Australia’s safe harbour protection from insolvent trading liability, continued

The report on Australia’s safe harbour protection for directors (s 588GA) from what is said to be our strict insolvent

Australia’s review of its insolvency safe harbour – more than a few issues to consider, but in the end, about not much

The terms of reference and what is called a ‘discussion paper’[1] for this review under s 588HA have been released,

Review of Australia’s safe harbour protection from insolvent trading – remember s 588HA [updated]

The federal government has finally made arrangements to have Australia’s “safe harbour” from insolvent trading law reviewed – s 588GA,

An insolvency safe harbour based on culture and tradition?

For years Australia had no ‘safe harbour’ protection for directors from insolvent trading.  In 2017, one was introduced, then three

Review of the English Insolvency Rules 2016

The 2016 insolvency rules of England and Wales are being reviewed, in accord with a statutory requirement to do so

Australia’s new liquidator registration processes, and its ‘new liquidators’

On 30 December 2020, ASIC issued guidance on the new liquidator registration processes that apply in Australia two days hence

Is Australia’s insolvency safe harbour protection working – who knows?

The 2 year review of Australia’s safe harbour protection for directors, due from the government over a year ago, never

Choosing practitioners to administer Australian MSME insolvencies

The Australian government is presently finalising its draft SME insolvency law reform proposals.  Apart from getting the law right, as

“industry codes with their precepts, guidance and aspirational verbiage cannot dictate the proper construction and application of the relevant statutory provisions”

Soft law in Australia takes a rather strict approach in assessing the independence of insolvency practitioners, more so than, for

Duties of directors of insolvent companies – New Zealand Supreme Court decision

The NZ Supreme Court has given a significant decision on the duties of directors in the face of their company’s

Fightback! SMEs get a new restructuring tool

The federal Treasurer has announced a new restructuring regime for struggling small to medium enterprises (SMEs)[1] which adopts a ‘debtor-in-possession’

Mainzeal’s NZ$36m reckless trading appeal pending; bankruptcy of director deferred

Liquidators of Mainzeal with a NZ$36m judgment for reckless trading against the company’s directors have failed in an attempt to

How is Australia’s safe harbour from insolvent trading working? some survey results

An article by Professor Ian Ramsay and Associate Professor Stacey Steele has just been published reporting on survey responses of

Behind the UK government insolvency reforms

The Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill has been introduced into the United Kingdom Parliament and is due for debate on

Does insolvent trading work? The UK may not think so.

In the context of the review of the safe harbour provisions in Australia, there have been recent articles on insolvent

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