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The business structures of SMEs

A recent article in the Australian Business Law Review – Not in isolation: The Rationale for a Combination of Business

Duties of directors of insolvent companies – New Zealand Supreme Court decision

The NZ Supreme Court has given a significant decision on the duties of directors in the face of their company’s

Don’t be too harsh on non-compliant directors of failed companies?

The laws regulating the conduct of directors of companies in liquidation and laws regulating persons who go bankrupt exist in

The Internationalisation of Directors’ Duties – Melbourne seminar – 30 July 2018

Directors of companies that trade overseas, and directors of subsidiaries of overseas companies, may have duties imposed upon them by

Restrictions on failed entrepreneurs – 3 years, one, or none?

The current inquiries and debates about whether we should reduce our period of bankruptcy in Australia from three years to

‘WTF’ – five years of tax returns not lodged!

Upon being told in 2102 by his accountant, D, that his company’s business activity statements had not been lodged for