What work was involved in this liquidation and why did it take the time and resources claimed?

A liquidator’s remuneration claim of over $350,000 for conducting the winding up a country dental practice involving 24 of his staff

Is the end result of Sakr Nominees continued “institutionalised time billing”?

While the insolvency profession might be satisfied with the final approval given to the liquidator’s remuneration, by Justice Ashley Black, in Sakr

The decision in Sakr Nominees – keeping it in proportion

The NSW Court of Appeal has disposed of authority that sought to apply percentage based calculations to liquidators’ remuneration in

Appeal decision in Sakr Nominees – remuneration of liquidators

A test case decision in Sakr Nominees from the NSW Court of Appeal will be given tomorrow 9 March at

the Sakr Nominees appeal and well beyond …

Whatever is said in the pending NSW Court of Appeal decision in Sakr Nominees, it is timely to propose that,

Remuneration of liquidators – Sakr Nominees – 1 November hearing

Criticism of inconsistency in judicial decision making in determining the amount liquidators should be paid for the work they do