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Appeal decision in Sakr Nominees – remuneration of liquidators

A test case decision in Sakr Nominees from the NSW Court of Appeal will be given tomorrow 9 March at 10.15am EST.

In my commentary on 12 January 2017, I said that the decision of Justice Black in PrimeSpace Property [2016] NSWSC 1821 (15 December 2016) might be seen as a worthy draft of the Court of Appeal decision in Sakr Nominees, heard only a week or so earlier.

In PrimeSpace, Justice Black examines the various approaches taken to remuneration in the different cases, including the decision of Brereton J in Sakr, in coming to a determination of administrators’ remuneration.  He rejected the discount offered by the administrators and approved the remuneration in full.  Issues of risk came down in favour of the administrators.


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