“Related parties par excellence – company controlled by a wife on the one hand and the husband on the other”

When you are employed by your spouse’s company, and you attempt to resist bankruptcy based on your remuneration and support

Disclosure of business tax debts to credit agencies

Law allowing the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to disclose tax debt information of businesses – corporate and personal, over AU$100,ooo

England’s approach to ‘phoenixism’ – joint and several liability

English law’s latest proposed reforms in relation to abuse of its tax laws through insolvency, including through ‘phoenixism’, seem to

The elephant in the room of SMEs

It now seems that an old elephant in the room – about the misconduct of banks and financial institutions –

UK Crown priority in insolvencies to be restored

The UK government has announced in its 2018 budget that priority dividend payments will be made to the revenue for

Ensuring employees’ super gets paid

The term ‘pussyfooting’ comes to mind when looking at the government’s proposed new ‘tough’ approach to employees’ unpaid super contributions

Black Economy Taskforce: Consultation Paper

The Black Economy Taskforce has released a discussion paper outlining a number of additional policy ideas which draw on its