Access by victims of crime to the perpetrator’s superannuation

Just as moneys in a bankrupt’s superannuation fund can in certain cases be used to pay their creditors, under the

ASIC and one-year bankruptcy, AUSTRAC, a fees claim settled, and more …

The following further commentary on insolvency – submissions due, events and conferences and case law – may be of interest.

Ensuring employees’ super gets paid

The term ‘pussyfooting’ comes to mind when looking at the government’s proposed new ‘tough’ approach to employees’ unpaid super contributions

Unpaid super – just rounding up the usual suspects

A Senate Committee has produced yet another typical report that goes round in the usual circles of recommending the implementation of previous

Unpaid super, again; single touch payroll; penalties, and more

The Senate Economics References Committee is conducting another inquiry into the problem of the non-payment of superannuation by employers of

Employees’ super – why trust the employer?

The Economics References Committee is to report by 22 March 2017 on various issues concerning the non-payment of superannuation by