‘Masculinity contest cultures’, and gender imbalance?

Evidence before the Parliamentary Joint Committee inquiry into Ethics and Professional Accountability [1] (PJC inquiry) may assist in considering the

Gender, and diversity, in insolvency practice, continued

The July 2023 PJC report into corporate insolvency[1] makes recommendations on the “problem” of the limited female representation among liquidators,

The gender gap in insolvency

An article in the latest Insolvency Law Bulletin – The gender gap among Australian liquidators,[1] by Paulina Fishman – comments

The latest Insolvency Law Bulletin – remuneration, trading trusts, financial product collapses, gender, and more

In the latest issue of the Insolvency Law Bulletin, we have an article on a simpler solution to insolvent trading

Bankruptcy – transfer of files from the Official Receiver to private registered trustees, with 20% to women

Australia’s AFSA has announced that since 29 July 2021, it has changed the way it allocates bankrupt estates to bankruptcy

The proportion of insolvency practitioners who are women

Around the time of International Women’s Day and more generally there is often discussion about the low proportion of women

International Association of Insolvency Regulators’ Conference – 2019

Australia is attending and presenting at the annual insolvency regulators’ conference, along with regulators from the UK, the US, New

The gender profile of the insolvency profession: occupational segregation?

Would you like to study the question of gender balance in the insolvency profession? That topic is the subject of a