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The latest Insolvency Law Bulletin – remuneration, trading trusts, financial product collapses, gender, and more

In the latest issue of the Insolvency Law Bulletin, we have an article on a simpler solution to insolvent trading

Trust law and insolvency – views of the NSW Chief Justice; law reform prospects

A paper given by the NSW Chief Justice, Tom Bathurst – ‘Commercial trusts and the liability of beneficiaries: are commercial

The Future of Australian Law Reform – the five top priorites?

The Australian Law Reform Commission released its report The Future of Law Reform: A Suggested Program of Work 2020-25 on

Insolvency of trading trusts – Keay comments

Our 10th edition of Keay’s Insolvency was published in 2018 just after the Victorian Court of Appeal decision in Amerind,

Insolvency and trust law – a legislative solution is needed regardless of the High Court’s views

While the High Court no doubt gave special leave to appeal in Amerind under the statutory criterion of resolving legal

Amerind – special leave granted

The story goes that a Supreme or Federal Court that convenes a larger bench than usual to hear a matter

Trust law reform – continued

As much as the issues raised in the decisions in both Amerind (Victorian Court of Appeal) and Killarnee (Federal Court)

The reform of the intersection of trust and insolvency law – Killarnee

Once the trustee and insolvency lawyers have explained the law about the insolvency of trading trusts in the decision in