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Michael Murray is an Australian author and commentator on corporate and personal insolvency law and related issues, in Australia and internationally. He has a strong law and policy background, is independent of any connections, and his views are his own. He gives no legal advice. 

Bankruptcy Bills to become Law?

The draft legislation program for the Senate for next week commencing Monday 20 August 2018 lists, among other Bills, the

  • Bankruptcy Amendment (Enterprise Incentives) Bill 2017 for debate on Monday, after 12.20pm, and the
  • Bankruptcy Amendment (Debt Agreement Reform) Bill 2018, for Tuesday afternoon, 21 August 2018, after 12 noon.

The new 10th edition of Keay’s Insolvency has incorporated all of the one-year bankruptcy provisions, and the debt agreement changes, qualified by the comment that they were at the time of publication, and remain, not yet law.

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