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Michael Murray is an Australian author and commentator on corporate and personal insolvency law and related issues, in Australia and internationally. He has a strong law and policy background, is independent of any connections, and his views are his own. He gives no legal advice. 

Insolvency related conferences and meetings – coming up

A list of insolvency and related conferences for the rest of the year 2017,

into 2018


Insolvency Conferences and Meetings 2017-2018
Date Event Contact
4 December 2017 Insolvency Academics Network UTS
5 December 2017 Traill Bankruptcy Workshops Traill & Associates
6 December 2017 Traill Bankruptcy Conference Traill & Associates
12 December 2017 ‘Moral Hazard’ and the Regulation of Debtor Conduct through Bankruptcy QUT
18-22 December 2017 UNCITRAL Working Group V, Vienna UNCCA
5-8 February 2018 Ian Fletcher International Insolvency Law Moot Competition, Vancouver, BC, Canada. QUT
9 February 2018 15th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada UBC
19-20 March Traill’s 17th Insolvency Conference Traill & Associates
29 April – 1 May 2018 INSOL International, New York INSOL
7-11 May 2018 UNCITRAL Working Group V, New York
22-28 July 2018 International Academy of Comparative Law, Fukuoka Japan – International judicial assistance in cross-border insolvencies IACL
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