Traill insolvency conference 1-2 May – the ILRA changes – pre-sale closes tomorrow – 31 March

For those registered at Rosie Traill’s excellent annual conference, and those who register by the early bird deadline tomorrow, Friday 31 March, I would like to invite you to email me about any particular issues or concerns you have with the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 changes, so that I can focus on them at the session I am presenting at the conference.

Email me at and I can focus on your particular concerns in my session, or we may be able to sort it out beforehand.  We can then have a pre-conference ‘virtual’ meeting by email.  This helps me and hopefully you and should ensure a good focused session. 

There are some tricky issues in the changes, including some already commenced, but maybe not as many as some are saying.

We have to bed this down to then deal with foreshadowed changes in the law of insolvent trading, ipso facto clauses, tax and superannuation and the ethics code.  Then there is bankruptcy law reform as well. 

I am sure Rosie will be able to cover these late announcements from the government into which the profession and others have put so much work. 

The timing of the government announcements is fortuitous.

I hope for an interactive session on the ILRA, in what looks like a great conference full of current insolvency topics! 

Michael Murray




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