QUT Law – Current Issues in Insolvency Law: Global Perspectives – 24 March

The QUT Commercial and Property Law Research Centre is hosting international speakers and QUT academics at this session on Friday 24 March 2017, at QUT Brisbane.

The seminar provides an opportunity to hear the latest developments in European cross-border insolvency and restructuring law, as well as important sessions on the regulation of the Australian profession, and on MSME insolvency.   

As to those Australian sessions, the talks will examine:

  • the challenges faced by Australian corporate insolvency practitioners adhering to ethical and legal regulatory standards. This is significant in light of the new law reforms, with their changes to legal regulatory standards and their overarching aim of promoting ethical conduct, and in the changes in the code of ethics of practitioners as accountants; and 
  • the behaviour of micro, small and medium enterprises when faced with a solvency crisis, which raises a myriad of issues being now debated in law reform and other related disciplines, and in which the professions play a significant role.

Our UK speaker will explain the EU’s 2016 Proposal for a Directive on Restructuring Frameworks, from which we in Australia might take some ideas. The EU relied upon a major report from the University of Leeds, to which Professor Rosalind Mason and I were international advisers and to which provided input on Australian law. That report has now been published as a book – European Insolvency Law, McCormack, Keay and Brown, Edward Elgar, 2017.

Our eminent European speakers will cover “Foreseeability and predictability in insolvency law – Protection of the Expectations of Creditors and Third Parties in International Private Law and International Procedural Law”; and “O.W. Bunker, A Common Law Perspective on Multi-lateral Co-operation in Insolvency-Related Cases”, this referring to the international insolvency of world’s then largest ship fuel supplier, OW Bunker.

Michael Murray QUT Law

Photo: UCL Law Library

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