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Michael Murray is an Australian author and commentator on corporate and personal insolvency law and related issues, in Australia and internationally. He has a strong law and policy background, is independent of any connections, and his views are his own. He gives no legal advice. 

Banking & Financial Services Law Association Conference – 31 August-2 September

The Banking and Financial Services Law Association is holding its annual conference in Brisbane on 31 August-1 September 2017, in Brisbane.

Its pre-eminent judicial speakers are Lord Justice Richards of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales; Justice Beazley, President of the New South Wales Court of Appeal; and Justice Asher of the New Zealand Court of Appeal. 

Senior legal, finance and insolvency practitioners are also speaking.

The conference covers a range of issues including:

  • A review of the state of insolvency law reform in Australia and New Zealand
  • Regulation of culture, including by way of senior executive liability and whistleblowing
  • Judicial view of court decisions in banking, financial services and insolvency 
  • PPSA, with a panel addressing insolvency and litigation issues in Australia and NZ
  • Issues with the Asian distressed bond markets
  • Financial ratios in finance documents, serving as early warning systems but under scrutiny from recent inquires in Australia
  • Retail insolvencies – recent high-profile collapses and what lies ahead

There are a number of other insolvency related conferences coming up during the remainder of this year.  



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