single insolvency regulator

Regulation of firms offering insolvency services

Further to my earlier post on insolvency practitioner (IP) regulation in the UK, and contrary to expectations,[1] the UK government

UK’s proposed single insolvency regulator – beware Australian comparisons [revised]

After some long period of deliberation, the UK government has decided to itself take a direct role in the regulation

UK insolvency practitioners – “evidence of intimidation, deception, dishonesty and even misappropriation of assets”?

A very critical report on the insolvency profession in the UK – Resolving-Insolvency-APPG-on-Fair-Business-Banking-and-Humphries-Kerstetter.pdf (  has come from the All Party

Assessing the insolvency regulators’ self-assessments – from tea and biscuits to zero tolerance

ASIC has released a report self-assessing itself, according to requirements of the Commonwealth Regulator Performance Framework: Report 511 ASIC self-assessment