New Zealand insolvency

NZ insolvency practitioner sanctioned

A sanction of a New Zealand liquidator for the poor handling of his matters provides an illustration of New Zealand’s

Some insolvency law reform ideas from Scotland and New Zealand

“ … the state is, effectively, paying insolvency practitioners to end the life of small companies … a sub-optimal solution

Australian voluntary administrators appointed as New Zealand interim liquidators

In Insolvency licensing bodies confirmed for New Zealand’s new regulatory regime – Murrays Legal, of August 2020, I explained the

Peak indebtedness and preferences – an Australian authority now “offering a considered analysis of the rule”

The High Court of Australia has found that the peak indebtedness rule has no place in Australian law in the

International insolvency case law from New Zealand and the UK

The universal nature of much of insolvency law is such that many of its principles apply across jurisdictions, with a

Proposed New Zealand law restricting investigating accountants taking insolvency appointments

A bill introduced into the New Zealand parliament would mean that if ABC Insolvency Firm took a role as investigating

Peak indebtedness and other insolvency law views from New Zealand

The decision of the Full Federal Court in Badenoch Integrated Logging v Bryant[1] agreeing with New Zealand’s view about the