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Property prices

Perth ‘as good as it’s likely to get’ for rental affordability

With little new housing stock – especially at the lower end – the WA capital is in for a time of surging rents when the market picks up.

Confidence is sadly returning to the market’

Buying activity is stirring again in the housing market amid fears prices will start to rise following a Coalition win.

Hold your horses: house prices are not about to take off

There’s reason to be more pessimistic around the prospects for housing prices, but don’t believe all the headlines: we are not back to affordable housing – yet.

Housing outlook to deteriorate in 2020

HBXC forecasts that after prices stop falling this year, they will remain roughly flat in 2020, but with inflation still higher than 4 per cent. 

Home buyers are back in the game

Auctions clearances are the highest they’ve been all year but the extent to which this generates a decline in housing affordability remains unclear.

Post-election buzz lifts auction markets

“I honestly haven’t seen anything like it in my career – the contrast to two weeks ago is incredibly sad.”

Property’s bumper policy week will make housing even more expensive soon

A group of leading property CEOs think more needs to happen for property prices to fall, despite a week of favourable policy changes.

How the rise of car sharing could slash property prices!

As parking becomes less crucial to buyers, developers are increasingly doing away with a car spot for every apartment and turning to car sharing.

Outlook turns on a dollar for developers

‘A week makes all the difference’: dramatic political and policy changes in the past week have hampered the residential outlook for all.

APRA ‘game-changer’ to boost prices

APRA’s plan to ease mortgage serviceability rules would give buyers an extra $50,000 to spend and might bring forward the end of housing affordability in Sydney, Melbourne property markets.

BD promises 85pc house price falls

Sledge fund says house price falls in certain outer areas have a way to go yet.

Labor loss to deliver a positive property ‘shock’

Expect more expensive housing – that’s the view from economists and industry following Labor’s failure to win.

Sydney bargain hunters rush to Rushcutters Bay studio with no toilet

The $284,000 sale shows Sydney is never short of buyers, and listing numbers point towards a health continued fall in the market.

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