‘Criminal Law fit for a continent? I don’t think so’.

The Australian Academy of Law is presenting this session hosted by Curtin University Law School on 8 November 2018 in Perth, at 5.30pm, presented by Professor Paul Fairall.

As he explains,

‘Australia has a population of 24m with 9 distinct State or Territory criminal law jurisdictions and a rapidly expanding body of federal criminal law governed by the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

Canada has a population of 36m, a land mass approximately 1.3 times that of Australia, and a solitary Criminal Code.

South Africa and New Zealand also have the benefit of unitary criminal justice systems’.

The criminal laws of Australia are by no means uniform and there appears to be little political pressure for harmonisation. The political will to fix

this ‘insane’ system

(the adjective applied by a former Queensland Attorney General) is lacking, or perhaps more accurately, the present body politic is no longer capable of broad systemic reform.

Registration is free.  Details are at this link.

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