Murrays Legal Commentary – closing 31 Dec-1 Jan

Murrays Legal has, since June 2016, issued over 350 commentaries on the broad topic of insolvency, personal and corporate, from legal, economic, social and technology perspectives. International reports and views from the UK, Canada and the US, China and New Zealand have been included. Over 130 local and international cases have been reported, along with all proposed law reform and new laws in those areas.

Other fields covered have included criminal law, maritime, environmental, professional regulation, accounting, ethics, administrative law, human rights and legal history.

Its purposes, if it needs them explained, are to offer alternative views and knowledge, and prompt thinking and debate.

That is the extent of my overview, the search facility is there, and the inquiry tab.

Thank you for your readership, and to those who have commented, disagreed and otherwise been engaged.

Other tasks

Tasks of your writer beyond this site, but providing input for it, have included

  • publications for Law Book Co, LexisNexis, Wolters Kluwer, Edward Elgar, INSOL and INSOL Europe, and By Lawyers;
  • editorial roles in university and other journals;
  • organising, attending and speaking at conferences – including INSOL London, the Council of the European Union Brussels, Law Council of Australia, Federal Court, UNCITRAL Vienna, QUT and the Australian Academy of Law;
  • roles on statutory committees
  • submissions and advice to governments; and
  • judicial and professional training.

Closing? never

Murrays Legal Commentary closes only between 31 December 2017 and 1 January 2018: “the beginning of a day is nothing but the end of the day before, and the end of the day is nothing but the beginning of the next …”: Autumn Solar v Solar Magic [2010] NSWSC 463. 

Michael Murray

  • LLB, Dip Crim (Syd, McClemens Prize); Insolvency Law and Practice I & II (USQ, 1sts)
  • Fellow and Director of the Australian Academy of Law
  • Visiting Fellow, QUT Law Faculty
  • Fellow of UNCCA and Chair, Expert Advisory Committee, Working Group V, UNCITRAL
  • Member, Banking and Financial Services Law Association
  • Co/author: Keay’s Insolvency (2003-), Australian Insolvency Management Practice (2005-2018); Business Law of Australia (2013-); Bankruptcy Law and Practice (2013-); Crisis Management of Banks (2014); Corporate Restructuring (2018-).
  • Editor: Insolvency Law Journal.

Macquarie St Sydney



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