Academy of Law Newsletter 3.17 – ethics hypothetical, legal education conference, essay prize, rare books …

The latest newsletter of the Australian Academy of Law lists a wide range of events and news indicating the work and interests of the Academy.

·         an ethics hypothetical in Sydney chaired by John Sheahan SC with a panel including Bret Walker SC, Professor Peter Cashman, Cathie Armour of ASIC and Michael Lavarch. Two further debates are planned for this year, one on the broad question of the law as a business or a profession, and the other on issue of the development of the broader educational interests of lawyers, within and outside law.  

·         a National Conference on Legal Education in Sydney, on 11-13 August, with a large number of senior judicial, academic and legal professionals, across topics including ethics, drafting, critical thinking, mental health, emerging technologies, diversity, artificial intelligence, and professional standards.

·         a workshop on building a rare books collection, at the University of Adelaide, which the Academy was pleased to promote; and

·         details of the Academy’s annual essay prize on the topic of the response of Australian legal institutions to climate change.

The Academy

The Academy is a broadly based body, comprising individuals of exceptional distinction in the discipline of law who are committed to the advancement of that discipline and to justice according to law in Australia.  The Hon Susan Kiefel AC is the Patron of the Academy, recently succeeding Chief Justice French.  AAL’s members (Fellows) are drawn from all parts of the legal community, including academia, the practising profession (including private and public sectors), and the judiciary.

The Academy provides a forum for cooperation, collaboration, constructive debate and exchange of views, of which these events and other ventures are examples. Any questions about the Academy or these and other events are welcome.

Michael Murray

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