An alternative to parliamentary debate on a one year bankruptcy

With changes in our bankruptcy laws being delayed in parliament by more important debates on our marriage laws, an alternative opportunity for public debate is being offered by the Rosie Traill Bankruptcy Conference on 6 December in Sydney, the week that parliament resumes and then adjourns for the year. These changes involve the reduction in […]

Legal Editing – rules for the citation of court judgments

The following rules for the citation of court judgments are adopted by Murrays Legal Commentary. The need to publicise them in this article, and invite their adoption, arises from some frustration at the way court judgments are cited in judgments themselves, and in legal text books and articles The Rules The rules are: The relevant […]

An economic perspective on trends in start-ups, and -downs

The federal government’s Innovation Statement of 2015 contained some simplistic aims for the promotion of entrepreneurial activity from proposed changes to our insolvency laws. A recent report from an economic perspective provides the level of analysis that is needed to assess the need for and the impact of those laws. The changes to our insolvency […]