A less than “radical change” to Australia’s court structure

Given the Attorney-General’s openness to “radical change” in the structure of Australian courts, one small but significant reform would be to revive the idea of having judges jointly appointed to both the Federal and the relevant Supreme Court. This arises out of the pending unsatisfactory issue of benches comprising three Full Federal Court judges and […]

ASIC’s 2016-17 Report – insolvency practitioners

ASIC’s 2016-2017 annual report has been released.  The following comments focus on the report’s comments on ASIC’s oversight of liquidators at pp 66-68 of the report, including *ASIC’s winding up of 6 abandoned companies, helping 4 employees owed $240k in unpaid entitlements; **ASIC’s funding of 1 liquidator to recover assets and ban 34 directors; ***ASIC […]