Michael Murray

Michael has 30 years experience in Australia as an insolvency and reconstruction lawyer, writer and commentator. He is an observer of current corporate collapses and bankruptcies, and trends, and is closely involved in law reform, government and professional regulation, both in Australia and internationally.

Michael can be contacted at mobile 0402 248 353 or by email about current legal and practice issues, including the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 and the Insolvency Practice Rules, other pending law reform, and other reports and recommendations, and current statute and case law.

Connected with this, Michael has an interest in the wider connections of insolvency in law, economics and finance – employment law, tax, directors’ duties, family law and bankruptcy, comparative international and cross-border insolvency, and in professional conduct, regulation and ethics, and legal education.

This might be in the context of:

  • particular matters or matters of general relevance,
  • education and training,
  • conference topics, content and speakers, and
  • professional writing and editing.

Michael is based in Sydney, and has roles as:

  • visiting fellow at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane;
  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, Sydney; and
  • member of the UNCITRAL Coordination Committee Australia (UNCCA).

He was formerly:

  • the Legal Director of ARITA, the professional body of insolvency practitioners and lawyers (2007-2016);
  • a lawyer with the Australian Government Solicitor working in insolvency and regulatory law (1989-2007);
  • a solicitor assisting on the HIH Royal Commission (2001-2003); and
  • a member of CAMAC (2001-2014).

Michael is also a member of INSOL International and INSOL Academics, the Insolvency Academics Network (IAN), the Banking and Financial Services Law Association (BFSLA) and LAWASIA.

He co-authors the standard insolvency text, Keay’s Insolvency (Thomson Reuters), now coming up to its 10th edition.