Some thinking about insolvency pre-packs, panels and more

In a newspaper article of 20 April 2020* promoting a new ‘restructuring business’, some ‘new thinking’ is offered on changes needed to meet what is said to be an expected ‘insolvency deluge’. The thinking, in relation to pre-packaged insolvencies and an insolvency panel, is not new but it usefully adds to the list of reforms […]

Obligations to whistleblow

Journalists and accountants among others are obliged by NSW law to ‘whistleblow’ – to report to the police – if they know of the commission of serious criminal offences. These and other issues about whistleblowing, including a forthcoming public debate on 25 March, are discussed in this article. A charge of misprision of treason against […]

The Alternative Financial Review

Property prices Perth ‘as good as it’s likely to get’ for rental affordability With little new housing stock – especially at the lower end – the WA capital is in for a time of surging rents when the market picks up. ‘Confidence is sadly returning to the market’ Buying activity is stirring again in the […]

The costs and time in administering justice

Newspaper analyses of the work of judges by reference to numbers of matters heard, words written and time taken can be overly and unfairly simplistic, but they are at least some publicly accessible source by which the operation of the judicial system can be assessed. The difficulty is that the more substantial analyses behind and […]