A bankrupt’s list of ‘personal’ assets

The law requires those people in bankruptcy to record their assets and liabilities in a ‘statement of affairs’. It is an important document because the trustee needs to know what assets are available that can be sold to try to pay back creditors.   Most ‘personal’ assets are protected, and for many people that is […]

Law reform obituary – CAMAC 1983-2018

The Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC) was a corporate law reform body comprised of individuals eminent in that field.  It was created in 1983 and belatedly abolished in 2018,[1] although it had not operated since 2014.  The reasons for its abolition were to do with ‘smaller government’. Professor Ian Ramsay, a former long-term member […]

Keay’s Insolvency – a law reform launch

The recent launch of the new 10th edition of Keay’s Insolvency prompted some pointed comments about the current insolvency system and suggestions about law reform – including safe harbour and pre-packs, the need for a holistic approach rather than the present ‘tinkering’, and the limitations imposed on the effectiveness of insolvency laws by the existing […]