A running account of insolvency history – the lawyers and the accountants

In an account of the interaction between lawyers and the newly titled accountants in 19th century England, it has been explained that while accountants were listed among those being able to conduct the administration of estates under the 1831 Bankruptcy Act, lawyers were not included.[1] The account continues: “The absence from this list can be […]

Insolvency and climate change and environmental liabilities

INSOL Academics in Singapore on 1-2 April 2019 and the following day’s meeting of academics at the National University of Singapore provided a number of thought-provoking presentations, which then serve to prompt connections with local Australian issues.  Here is one series of connections. Climate change Climate change came up in the insolvency context, as to […]

The future of the insolvency ‘profession’

I was pleased to have given a presentation on the future of the insolvency profession, at Griffith University’s excellent Professional Futures Conference on 6-7 February 2019.  This is my brief account, with some questions about professionalism following. My talk examined whether insolvency was in fact a profession, or an emerging one, or an industry.  The […]