Obligations to whistleblow

Journalists and accountants among others are obliged by NSW law to ‘whistleblow’ – to report to the police – if they know of the commission of serious criminal offences. These and other issues about whistleblowing, including a forthcoming public debate on 25 March, are discussed in this article. A charge of misprision of treason against […]

The Australian Academy of Law 2019 prizewinners

The Australian Academy of Law awards annual essay and other prizes. On 7 December 2019, the essay prize of $10,000 was awarded to Dr Ellen Rock of the UTS School of Law for her essay on “Resolving Conflicts at the Interface between Public and Private Law”, the abstract of which is: “Public and private law […]

Climate change and the law

Here are details of two recent events on climate change and the law, followed by details of a range of other issues covered by Murrays Legal associated with the environment, climate and insolvency case law and policy. A “hypothetical” on Climate Change: the Science and the Law Climate change and the law came in for […]

Democracy, Human Rights and the Judiciary: the common law and the wider world

The Australian Academy of Law is hosting a presentation by Sir Nicholas Blake on this Wednesday 4 September 2019, in Melbourne. Sir Nicholas is a former High Court Judge of England and Wales and the first President of the then newly created Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the United Kingdom Upper Tribunal from 2010 until […]

The Hayne Report – lessons for lawyers – Australian Academy of Law event

The relevance of the ‘Hayne Report’ for the legal profession is the subject of the first of the Australian Academy of Law’s events in Sydney for 2019. On Monday 25 March 2019, an impressive panel comprising those from law, ethics and academia will look for the legal lessons to be learned from the Report – […]

Overcoming non-financial barriers to justice – Academy of Law debate – 27 Nov Sydney

This is the third and final event in the Academy’s Access to Justice series for 2018, being held on Tuesday 27 November 5pm-6.30pm in Sydney.  Whereas the second one focussed on overcoming financial barriers, this debate will be on overcoming non-financial barriers. Those barriers are various and numerous: difficulties associated with language, culture, age, geographical […]

‘Criminal Law fit for a continent? I don’t think so’.

The Australian Academy of Law is presenting this session hosted by Curtin University Law School on 8 November 2018 in Perth, at 5.30pm, presented by Professor Paul Fairall. As he explains, ‘Australia has a population of 24m with 9 distinct State or Territory criminal law jurisdictions and a rapidly expanding body of federal criminal law […]

Academy of Law – access to justice, free speech on campus, science v law

The second public debate held by the Australian Academy of Law in its series on Access to Justice was held on 26 July 2018. Meanwhile, many other Academy talks and debates are coming up. The focus of the 26 July debate was on overcoming financial barriers to access to justice. This involves not just money […]

Australian Academy of Science and Australian Academy of Law – Joint Symposium

The Australian Academy of Science and Australian Academy of Law are holding what is the first joint symposium between the two academies and their respective disciplines on Thursday evening 23 August in Sydney. The topic for debate is ‘Are You Sure?’ This will involve discussions around: – scientific certainty compared with legal certainty, and scientific […]