An insolvency safe harbour in New Zealand?

As Australia is about the review the first two years of operation of its 2017 safe harbour reforms,[1] New Zealand is looking at introducing the same type of reforms as a means of lessening the negative impact of its own insolvent trading laws. The Companies (Safe Harbour for Insolvent Trading) Amendment Bill, is a private […]

Murrays Legal closes on 31 December 2019 and reopens on 1 January 2020

As to which, readers will be aware that “[t]he beginning of a day is nothing but the end of the day before, and the end of the day is nothing but the beginning of the next …”: Prowse v McIntyre [1961] HCA 789; and “[t]hus all beginnings of days and all ends of days fall […]

Why didn’t someone do something? the obligation to whistleblow

There is a current focus on whistleblowing as being one means whereby unlawfulness can be controlled. But what can be a voluntary and sometimes difficult choice to whistleblow may in fact constitute a legal or professional obligation to do so. Whether that be formally ‘whistleblowing’, the same purpose is achieved, the reporting of unlawful conduct. […]