Insolvency law reform – some harsh words

Murrays Legal recently reported a comment that our new insolvency law arriving in 2017 was the worst insolvency law reform we have seen. This prompts me to repeat my view that, if this is the case, it is largely the result of the unhappy domination of insolvency reform by corporate law over the years. But, perhaps contradictorally, I repeat […]

Insolvency Practice Rules 2016 released – Corporations and Bankruptcy

The Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporations) 2016 have now been released, without fanfare, and are on the Federal Register of Legislation.  The Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) 2016 have since followed.  They are both here. These generally accord with the drafts released for comment. They do not appear to have taken into account the more substantial issues raised in some […]

ASIC’s data – the sale is off; now for some decisions….

The government has announced that it is not proceeding with the private sector bids to upgrade and operate ASIC’s registry functions. The bids were said not to have delivered “a net financial benefit for the Commonwealth”. Indeed, though how the government measured that benefit in the first place is problematic. This outcome was expected in light […]