Insolvency practitioners’ duties of neutrality

Liquidators and administrators, and trustees, when their appointments are challenged, have a duty of neutrality, to provide relevant facts to parties, and to the court, in order for the concern about the challenge to be determined on its merits. The voluntary administrator’s appointment in Condor Blanco was successfully challenged, and some legal guidance was given […]

Another life insurance inquiry – respond by 18 November…..

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services is to report by 30 June 2017 on: the need for further reform and improved oversight of the life insurance industry; assessment of relative benefits and risks to consumers of the different elements of the life insurance market, being direct insurance, group insurance and ‘retail advised’ […]

Remuneration of liquidators: Idylic Solutions, Templeton revisited – more of the same?

Judges’ inconsistency of approach in determining the remuneration of corporate insolvency practitioners is continuing. The respective state and federal courts have been ignoring each others’ decisions such that no inconsistency can be said to even arise. When this happened before, as I have explained, the High Court intervened, as school headmaster, to bring into line […]